About our school

Curriculum Overview

Royal Mount College follows a path from Grade R through to Grade 7 where the emphasis is on the development of the whole child. To this end our education develops the academic, emotional, spiritual and gross motor skills of learners. The school aims to grow a child who is well-rounded, happy, confident and able to move on with confidence to any new environment when the occasion arises. Our Christian based principles enables learners to be balanced and anchored, knowing that there is God, our eternal source for all our survival needs.

A School where everyone knows your name

The average class size is 22 learners per grade from Grade R – 7. We believe that this is an effective, child-friendly formula, allowing flexibility if class dynamics requires it, while also allowing the school and the class teacher to remain small enough to be personal. At this early age, learners are introduced to the core curriculum of Bible study (Eager Beaver, Adventurer and Pathfinder Program), English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art and Computers.

Christian Based Education

Our curriculum is based on Christian values. We follow the Cambridge Syllabus and the GDE CAPS teaching curriculum. We also teach children the different stories of the bible, in line with our monthly themes, Eager Beaver, Adventurers and Pathfinder program. Each child is seen as a unique individual who needs a strong early developmental foundation into a lifelong leaner that is confident, independent, creative, multi-skilled, literate and numerate.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

We believe that God created us all equal before His eyes irrespective of sex, gender, race, religion or culture. Children from all walks of life are welcome at our school.

Educations is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela

Meet our Team

Dr Masuku


Mrs M Ncube

Head Of Department

Miss S Mnguni

Foundation Phase Teacher

Miss S Mkhwananzi

Foundation Phase Teacher

Miss A Katete

Foundation Phase Teacher

Mrs T Chatikobo

Foundation Phase Teacher

Mrs Khumalo

Intermediate Phase Teacher

Mr M Dube

Intermediate Phase Teacher

Miss G Aphane

Intermediate Phase Teacher

Mr Gwafa

Intermidiate Phase Teacher

Miss S Dube

Intermediate Phase Teacher