Fees 2018

School fees is charged for the entire period of one academic year, from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. Trips for extra-curriculum activities will be charged separately per event when they take place.

School Annual levy R1000.00 School Annual levy R800.00
Grade 8-9 fees over 12months R1,900.00 Grade 00 fees over 12months R1,200.00
Grade 7 Fees over 12 months R1,800.00 Grade R-6 Fees over 12 months R1,600.00
Laboratory fee [yearly once off] R1000.00 Leadership Camp fee R600.00
Leadership Camp fee R800.00 School trips one per term R200.00
School trips one per term R200.00 Grade 6 Checkpoint exam R900.00


School Fees may be paid in two ways; thus

  1. Fees may be paid in full on or before the 31st January 2018, or
  2. Fees may be paid in 12 monthly instalments – from January 2018 to December 2018
  1. Discount is allowed to parents if:
    1. Parents pay the school fees in full in advance (by the 31st January 2018)
    2. Parents who enroll more than one learner are eligible to a 10% discount on the second or third child. The school administration reserves the right to deny applicants this type of discount.
  2. School fees payable in monthly installments should be paid on or before the 3rd day of each month from January to December. Payments made after the 4th day of the month shall be regarded as arrears or overdue amount.
  3. Parents will be charged default interest for arrears or overdue amount
  4. Total school fees for the year must be paid in full on or before the 1st of December.
  5. Learners will not be re-admitted into the following academic year if their school fees are in arrears and/or their school fees account is poorly paid.
  6. School bank details are as follows:


Primary School [Grades 00- 6]


Bank:                  ABSA


Account No:        407 699 1615


High School [Grade 7-10]

Matric and Varsity Study Centre

Bank: FNB

Branch: Northgate

Account: 62471951816